7 Signs That Indicate it’s Time for Pool Resurfacing

close up of pool that has recently undergone pool resurfacing

Have you ever felt tremendous guilt when you walk out into your backyard and feel like you can almost hear your pool screaming for attention? Whether there are week-old leaves floating in the water, or a gunky filter that could use a new replacement, it’s easy to put off these small tasks with the intention […]

Everything You Need to Know About Pool Remodeling for Your Backyard Pool

image of new pool with ladder after pool remodeling

For those of us who are holding onto every bit of warmth possible as we carry through the winter, the promise of pool days and summertime fun may be enough to get us through the colder temperatures.  But if you’re looking to take your poolside daydreams one step further and are seriously considering pool remodeling, […]

5 Things to Know About the Construction and Design Processes of Luxury Pools

beautiful home with large luxury pool in the backyard

We all remember those hot summer days, shimmering waves rising from the asphalt and crystal drops of condensation leaking down the side of a pitcher of iced lemonade.  During those scorching days, absolutely nothing felt better than taking a dip in the pool. And if you were one of those families lucky enough to have […]

7 Things to Look for When Hiring Pool Builders for Your Pool Project

pool builder working on coping surrounding new pool build

When it comes time to build a pool, many homeowners feel overwhelmed. There are so many choices to make, and it can be difficult to know which pool builders to trust. That’s why it’s important to do your research and know what to look for when hiring a pool building company. We’ve compiled a list […]

How You Can Make Your Pool and Pool Deck Look More Impressive

top view of modern pool with tile pool deck with folding chairs on it

Are you tired of your pool and pool deck looking bland and boring? Are you ready to take your backyard oasis to the next level? An unimpressive pool and pool deck make for an unimpressive yard, which can be very discouraging. We’ll discuss eight pool deck ideas that can make your pool and pool deck […]

How to Match the Style of Your Pool Landscape with Your Home Design

wood paneling surrounding backyard pool design

Designing the perfect pool to match your home and style could transform your home from a place you live to a beautiful and peaceful oasis. However, there are a lot of backyard pool designs to choose from or work with. Before you get started, you’ll want to make sure your pool landscape matches the design […]

What Components are Required for Designing a Custom Pool in Your Backyard?

modern home with a custom pool in the backyard

Looking to install a pool in the backyard of your home? But not just any pool: something that’s custom designed and that perfectly fits your home, style, and needs? It may be more possible than you think. There are several elements to consider and multiple options to choose from when designing a custom pool. But […]

What are the Main Differences Between Normal Pools and Infinity Pools?

infinity swimming pool with an ocean back drop

Despite a sudden surge in popularity, many people don’t understand what an infinity pool is. Some might find it difficult to distinguish between infinity pools vs normal pools. Because of this, we’ll discuss a few of the differences between them to help prevent further confusion. What is an Infinity Pool? An infinity pool is a […]

6 Things to Consider When Building a Pool on a Hillside or a Slope

backyard with hillside pool lit up at night

When it comes to installing a pool, one of the biggest considerations to take note of is whether or not your property has a hill or slope. If you’re lucky enough to have a bit of elevation on your land, you may be wondering if it’s possible to put in a hillside pool. The answer […]