4 Reasons a Pool Waterfall is a Great Idea

swimming pool waterfall

Whether you’re looking for a way to upgrade your pool area or just looking to cool off on a hot day, pool waterfalls are a versatile addition that can transform your backyard. 

Here are four reasons why adding a waterfall is a great idea:

1. Aesthetically Versatile and Promote Relaxation 

Everyone loves a dip in the pool, but when you have a beautifully-crafted waterfall, it elevates your swimming pool from ordinary to extraordinary. Not only does a water feature make your pool more elegant, but it can also be a great source of relaxation and stress relief. 

Turn your backyard into an oasis with an inviting and relaxing waterfall feature. Or liven up your backyard party by adding pool lights to your waterfall—the aesthetic options are endless!

2. Improved Circulation

Having a water feature can increase the circulation of your pool water and improve its cleanliness, making it safer and cleaner for you to enjoy. Pool water circulates faster with a waterfall, moving chemicals and pushing debris to the filter. This will make it easier to enjoy your pool and waterfall all summer long. 

3. Keep The Pool Cooler

Southern California can get hot during the day, and the temperature of your pool is crucial for cleanliness and enjoyment. If your pool is too hot, it invites algae and other bacterias that fester in warm environments. It can also be uncomfortable rather than refreshing to dip into a tepid pool on a warm day.

Waterfalls promote evaporation through constant motion, cooling the water. The increased circulation and faster evaporation rate that waterfalls enable will make pool water more refreshing all summer. You’ll never want to leave your pool!

4. Block Out Noise

One of the best things about pool waterfalls is that they naturally drown out surrounding noise. If you live in a neighborhood with close-by houses, you know how frustrating it can be when people are outside, and you can hear every conversation and laugh. With a waterfall, you can enjoy your pool in peace with the lulling sounds of moving water. 

Pool Waterfall Designs

There are several trending waterfall designs that you can consider for your pool. Some options include: 


This waterfall design gives the illusion that the water flows right out of a cluster of rocks into your pool. It is a different look than the average pool waterfall, but it provides an exciting feature for those looking for a more tropical, natural landscape.

Pool Vase

A more modern-looking design is the pool vase waterfall, which uses angular, contemporary vases to pour water into the pool. This type of pool waterfall features a highly-concentrated pool spray that falls gracefully over the pool edge. It is a breathtakingly clean and simple design that appeals to those looking to maintain backyard feng shui and modernize their pool area.

Talk to an Expert Today: Pool Icons

Pool waterfalls are a worthwhile addition to your pool area. They add aesthetic appeal, promote pool circulation, cleaner conditions, and drown out the noises of the outside world.

Pool Icons can help you create the pool waterfall of your dreams, optimizing both aesthetic appeal and functionality for the perfect addition!