6 Must-Know Pool Safety Tips for Nighttime Use

pool safety tips for swimming at night

While using the pool at night is fun, it’s crucial to use pool safety tips. This way, you can enjoy yourself and stay safe when alone or in the company of your loved ones.

If you find yourself hosting evening parties near your pool, or are an avid nighttime swimmer yourself, it’s important to know which safety measures you should take. Read on to discover seven pool safety tips to help you ensure your pool is nighttime safe.

1. Proper Lighting

When building a pool, use enough lighting around the perimeter. If you already constructed one, add underwater LED lights. These tend to be about $450-$650. It is also advisable to install spotlights in your yard and other areas near the pool.

Taking this precaution gives each swimmer good visibility when underwater. Proper lighting also helps people around the deck keep an eye on those in the pool.

2. Use a Fence

Another one of our pool safety tips to use during pool construction is to build a fence around the perimeter. This structure will keep away trespassers and animals, allowing you to enjoy a nighttime swim in peace. Fencing also prevents wandering children from falling into the water.

If you’re worried about a fence taking away from your backyard’s appearance, have no fear. The right pool contractor will help you find a design that is both safe and eye-catching.

3. Ensure Someone Knows You Are at the Pool

When going for a nighttime swim, it is advisable to be in the company of someone. Alternatively, let the people in the house or around the deck know that you’ll be in the water. Taking this step ensures that someone is watching out for you in case of danger.

Similarly, make sure you’re aware of who is on your pool deck while at night. This keeps everyone around you safe.

4. Install Water Heaters

Staying in cold water for an extended period at night can negatively affect your health. It can also cause muscle cramping, especially during cold winter nights. When building a pool, install water heaters to stay warm.  These appliances will also make the area fun to use and give it a luxurious feel.

5. Keep the Bugs Away

Bugs love wandering around swimming pools and outdoor lights at night. This issue can get worse during Southern California summers when the temperature is above 50 degrees.

Keep bugs and insects from your pool by lighting citronella candles. If you’re wanting a more permanent option, you can also install such lamps around the perimeter to ward them off with the scent of burning oil.

6. Don’t Swim Sleepy

No matter how tempting a nighttime swim may feel, avoid getting in the water when feeling sleepy. Once your body feels exhausted, some muscles may not work well. Feeling sleepy also lowers your ability to think clearly, increasing the risk of drowning.

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