Things to Watch For When Buying a Home with a Backyard Pool

buying a home with a backyard pool

Buying a home with a residential pool is a dream for many people. Having the luxury of swimming whenever you want and not having to share the pool with others is an attractive prospect. However, if you’re considering buying a home with a pool, then there are some things you’ll need to be aware of.

From maintenance and safety concerns to be aware of to gauging the condition of the pool and deciding whether or not it’s worth hiring a pool inspector before making the purchase, here’s a short guide of things to be aware of when buying a home with a residential pool.

Evaluating the Pool’s Condition

When you’re looking at buying a home that already has a pool, it can increase the overall cost of the home. It’s often worth the investment—but only if the pool is in good condition. That’s why you should always evaluate the pool’s condition thoroughly, just as you would inspect the rest of the house you’re considering buying.

Identifying Wear & Tear

Although it is easy to identify some wear and tear on a pool, certain forms of deterioration in the structure and materials can be much harder to spot. A thorough evaluation will involve looking at the tiles and grout, the interior finish or plaster, and learning when the pool was last resurfaced to know if it will need to be resurfaced again soon; resurfacing a pool is a considerable job and needs to be done approximately every 10 years.

Potential for Development & Remodeling

Just because a pool has a few flaws doesn’t mean it’s worthless; in fact, remodeling an existing pool can give you the chance to update it to your own style and specifications. Buying a home with an older pool can be a good option because it won’t cost as much as a home with a new pool, and you can then work with a Southern California pool contractor to get it updated to your taste.

Complete a Pool Inspection

The best way to be sure that the pool meets local safety requirements and is also in good working order is to have a pool inspector visit the property. An inspector can tell you exactly what you need to know about the condition of the pool, any maintenance or repairs required, and whether development and remodeling are possible.

Pool Maintenance

While owning your own pool has clear benefits, it’s important to be aware of associated maintenance requirements before you make the decision to become first-time pool owners.

It’s important to regularly maintain your pool. You can perform basic maintenance yourself, but some people choose to hire a pool cleaner. If you want to do it yourself, you’ll need a skimmer to remove any leaves, litter, or debris from the surface of the pool. You’ll also need special chemicals to add to the pool to ensure you sanitize your pool correctly. It’s essential that the chemistry of the pool is right, meaning your pH and alkaline levels balance.

Pools can sometimes require unexpected repairs to the construction materials or filtration system, so before buying the property, you’ll want to know the maintenance history of the pool.

Pool Safety

Safety is an important consideration, especially if you have children. If you have kids, be sure to check that safety features are in place to protect them. These may include a pool cover that can take the weight of a child, an alarm that you can set when the pool is not being used to alert you if your child enters it, and a fence around the perimeter of your pool or yard.

Some areas will even require you by law to have a fence with a locking gate around the perimeter of the pool that is at least 5 feet high with a self-closing latch and lock.

When buying a house with a pool, check the local laws to ensure that the pool meets these and any other safety features that you’ll need to keep everyone safe.

In Conclusion

Buying a house with a pool can be a great investment, but if you’re a first-time pool owner, you’ll first need to be aware of what maintenance entails and the overall condition of the pool before making your decision. If you find that your new pool needs to be remodeled or refinished, or if you decide to build your own pool instead of buying a home with an existing one, contact Pool Icons for top-of-the-line pool building services in Southern California.