7 Benefits of Building a Backyard Pool

building a backyard pool

Not very long ago, a home swimming pool was a status symbol, but now residential pools have become closer to a necessity for surviving sweltering California summers.

The benefits of building a backyard pool are many, so if you’re still on the fence about getting a pool—or if you need a couple of good reasons to convince your family to get one!—here are some of the greatest benefits of building a backyard pool.

1. Enjoy Entertaining, Limitless Family Fun

Have you ever seen an unhappy kid in a swimming pool? Probably not. Having your own pool provides endless opportunities for making memories as a family and bringing smiles to your kids’ faces.

Between splashing in the water and hanging out around the pool for family barbecues or lawn parties, getting a pool means you’ve already lined up your entertainment for the whole summer—and for the next summer, and the next!

2. Create a Family-Friendly Hangout Space

There is no doubt about it: life gets busy sometimes. Between school, work, and everything else, finding some quality family time can become difficult. But having a swimming pool in your backyard brings the family together.

Even if the whole family doesn’t like the water, the area around your pool can feature beautiful landscaping, barbecue areas, and patios, making it an excellent venue for family entertainment and gatherings. Fire pits, gazebos, and loungers come in handy to lure more people into the pool for fun and conversation.

3. Increase Your Home’s Property Value

Building a backyard pool increases the overall value of your home. A customized backyard with a hint of luxury and fun is a unique selling feature.

In California, a pool adds more value to your home than it does in any other state. A house with a pool in Los Angeles is worth nearly $100,000 more than a home without a pool, while Orange County sees a $55,000 increase and Riverside sees $44,000 added to final selling value.

So it’s important to remember that while getting a pool does require upfront costs, it’s also an investment that pays out both in entertainment from its use and financially if you’re ever to sell your home.

4. Teach Your Kids How to Swim

Learning to swim is a valuable lifelong skill for health and safety, particularly when you live near the beach and in a hot climate where swimming is a frequent activity. Exposing your children to a pool at a young age increases their confidence around water, and teaching them to swim increases your confidence in their safety. Accidents in the water can happen, and knowing how to swim can save a life.

5. Boost Your Health and Happiness

Installing a swimming pool in your backyard motivates you to get off the couch and head outside for some sunshine and exercise. The many benefits of swimming regularly include better cardiovascular health, balance, coordination and flexibility, and well-toned muscles. Swimming is also an excellent form of low-impact exercise that’s good for your joints, so it’s perfect for safe exercise to do as you’re getting older or if you’re rehabbing an injury.

6. Take a Break from Technology

Smartphones and tablets are now almost like an extra limb to most of us. Even though they make our lives a bit easier, taking a break from these devices once in a while is vital to your mental and emotional health and real-life relationships.

Building a pool in your backyard creates a safe, easy gathering place to unplug and connect with family members and friends without distractions.

7. A Staycation Investment

Staycations are growing in popularity as travel has become more expensive. Instead of spending money on flights and accommodations in an exclusive destination, stay home and enjoy your backyard oasis. Treat yourself instead to a candlelit dinner poolside, or perhaps even hire a masseuse when you need a little weekend luxury without the hassle of travel.

The Bottom Line: Get Building Your Pool!

If you’re ready to start building your backyard pool, you’ll need to work with a professional pool contractor to make sure it’s done right.

At Pool Icons, we pride ourselves on being one of the best California pool builders. We’ll help you plan a swimming pool design based on your vision, then complete all the necessary construction on time and on budget. Contact us today for a free estimate!