How Much Does Building a Pool Cost? 8 Factors That Affect Your Pool Estimate

pool estimate

When installing a swimming pool in your backyard, there are several factors you need to consider during the design process that will heavily affect your pool estimate and total cost.

While a standard inground pool in Southern California costs an average of $35,000, the prices may be as low as $20,000 or rise up to $195,000 depending on your swimming pool’s type, location, and customization level.

Before hiring a pool contractor, you need to be aware of the various factors that affect the price of your swimming pool. This will allow you to have a rough estimate of the overall costs to help you with budgeting. Here are eight top factors that affect your pool estimate and total cost.

The Design

The shape and size of your swimming pool is a crucial determinant of the overall cost of pool installation. The larger and more customized a design is, the more materials will be required for installation, and more soil that will need to be excavated. Upgrading your pool from one size to another may require an additional cost of at least $3,000.

The Site

Flat areas make an ideal site for your pool installation. A flat open space requires minimal groundwork and landscaping, making it more cost-effective. But if your backyard features slopes, you may have to consider some additional landscaping to prepare a space for your below-ground pool.

The Ground Conditions

It is essential to understand the type and the structure of the soil in your site to avoid incurring additional expenses when building the pool. Fine soils make the installation process easy. Conversely, soft soils, floodplains, and underneath rocks requires extra work in the ground preparation, which translates to higher costs.

The Access

Since most swimming pools are built in the backyard, accessing the site might be difficult. Although professionals will always find a way to get the job done, you will need to compensate them for the machinery and manpower.

The cost of getting the soil excavation machines and trucks may be higher if the site has limited access. Some of the difficult and tight areas to access may require special machines and cranes, increasing the overall cost of your pool. 

The Finishes

There is a wide range of finishes you can choose from for your swimming pool. The type of finish you choose for your pool depends on the aesthetic value you want and the amount you are willing to invest. If you are working on saving costs, a concrete and tiled finish is ideal for you.

The Cleaning System

The type of pool cleaning system you choose will influence the overall pool installation costs and maintenance costs. Some common systems like an eyeball and skimmer may have lower initial costs, but they may be costly to maintain in the long run. Also, their effectiveness may be limited. Investing in an advanced cleaning system will save you time and money and keep your water algae-free and clean.

The Extra Features

You can install extravagant additional features such as diving boards, swim-up bars, fire features, water falls, and other water features that improve your pool’s appearance, value, and aesthetic.

Additionally, there are also functional features like heat pumps and lighting that can make your pool more accessible. However, these come at an extra cost, so if you are on a tight budget, you can omit what you can’t afford.

The Pool Contractor

Building a pool can be daunting if you don’t have a comprehensive plan. A professional pool contractor will listen to your needs and recommend the best available options depending on your budget.At Pool Icons, we can translate your dream swimming pool into reality at affordable costs. Contact us today for a free pool estimate.