When Should I Update My Pool? 7 Signs That You Need to Remodel Your Pool

signs that you need to remodel your pool

With summer in full swing, there’s nothing better than having your very own pool to cool off in to relax. But maintenance issues can turn your backyard paradise into a chore, especially if you find yourself noticing problem after problem.

Pools require maintenance and choosing to remodel your pool can keep it working efficiently and prevent deterioration. Here are seven signs that you need to remodel your pool:

1. Noticeable Cracks

One of the most significant and tell-tale signs that you need to remodel your pool is cracking in and around your pool. This is potentially an indicator that the pool has structural issues and needs immediate attention.

Cracking can also mean your pool needs some cosmetic attention, such as replacing the old tiles. There are a variety of factors that determine the severity and depth of the issue, and only a trained pool expert can accurately gauge the scope of work required.

2. Constant Repairs

Another clear indicator that things need to change is if you’re constantly making DIY repairs. Consider the cost of ongoing repairs against having a remodel done, and you’ll likely see that it’s a cost-saving measure to go ahead with a more thorough project instead of running back and forth from the hardware store.

In the end, you’ll also save the headache of having your pool out of commission and having to call for repair services. You can relax and enjoy your upgraded pool when you want without issues. 

3. Out-of-Date Safety Features 

The pools of yesterday didn’t have the appropriate level of safety in mind to prevent hazards. Today’s modern pools have several components to avoid accidents and injuries. Some of these added safety features can include a gate around the pool deck and an extended shallow end. It’s worth the investment to prevent a potential tragedy.

If you have small children or invite guests into your pool regularly, this can be a major emotional relief.

4. Eco-Friendly Options

Being eco-friendly has never been more trendy, so if your pool isn’t as energy efficient as you’d like it to be, or its efficiency is declining, a pool remodel can do the trick.

Not only will adding eco-friendly options to your pool be more fashionable, but can heavily reduce your maintenance fees. Adding ozone sterilization, for example, can take that price down.

5. Rough Surface

After a while, a pool’s surface will begin to erode due to PH issues and the natural wear from the water. If your pool’s surfaces feel rough and uncomfortable to your feet, it’s time for a remodel.

The process involves resurfacing the entire area to help it feel smooth and comfortable on your feet and can be a simple fix for companies that specialize in pool remodels. The pool specialist removes the rough areas by scraping the surface and making the area smooth. 

If it’s been several years since the pool was built, it’s likely time to have it done, as the surface will only become more coarse over time.

6. Plumbing/Filtration Issues

If you’ve noticed plumbing issues with your pool, it’s definitely time for a remodel. These issues can be clogged pipes, leaks, or declining water filtration efficiency. Left unchecked, these problems can spell trouble for your maintenance bill, and can even permanently damage your pool.

Plumbing repairs can add up and need to be addressed more frequently as the pool ages. A complete remodel will eliminate those problems and save money.

7. No “Wow” Factor

The point of having a pool is so you can enjoy it. If you don’t like how it looks, you might not want to use it or feel embarrassed to let guests use it. Not wanting to use your pool is one of the biggest signs that you need to remodel your pool, even if nothing is necessarily broken or malfunctioning.

Remodeling your pool can give you the opportunity to finally add in all of the water features or aesthetic additions that you wanted when you first built the pool but put off for a later date. Waterfalls, split-leveling, and modernized lighting are just a few of the possibilities available with a pool remodel.

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