Landscaping on a Budget: 10 Cost-Effective Ways to Update Your Backyard

update your backyard

Are you ready to bring your backyard to life? With temperatures climbing and the kids out of school, being outside is where you belong. But while backyard upgrades can be inexpensive, starting your next project can feel daunting.

Luckily, there are some easy and affordable ways to give your backyard the makeover it needs. Here are 10 cost-effective ways to update your backyard.

1. Add a Fire Pit

Nothing says summer like sitting around a fire with friends and having one in the comfort of your backyard can only add to the enjoyment. 

Adding a fire pit or fireplace to your backyard space is the perfect way to bring everyone together, especially on those surprising chilly nights. If you want to add some flare, you could even build one inside of a table!

2. Design a Unique Water Feature

Not a pool person, but still want that sound of rushing water? A backyard water feature is where it’s at. 

You can make these in various shapes and sizes, and you can even use tons of unique items. From a fountain to your garden to your own creek installed into your backyard, there are tons of ways to create the ideal tranquil space while staying within your budget.

3. Create Stone or Gravel Paths

Rather than throwing a huge slab of concrete in your backyard, adding stone or gravel paths can be a much cheaper alternative—and they look better too! These paths look amazing inside gardens, around pools, or even right outside the back door. To add a unique element, try adding some glow-in-the-dark rocks!

4. Utilize the Natural Scenery

If your backyard currently has a tree, you can build a bench around it to add utility and ease to the natural beauty in your backyard! This is an awesome way to use the nature around you while also creating a unique backyard space.

5. Grow an Edible Garden

One of the best backyard landscaping ideas to update your backyard is to add a garden to your backyard. While most people tend to think of a Peter Rabbit-eque garden with plants piling over each other, there are many ways to grow useful plants and keep the space elegant.

From herbs and spices to fruits and vegetables, there are tons of delicious plants you can grow in your outdoor garden. Seeds are relatively inexpensive, and the results are delicious. As an added tip, grow some vines to create a beautiful garden setup.

6. Set Up a Gazebo

A gorgeous gazebo can really bring your backyard together. They look elegant, they provide shade, and they make for the ideal hangout spot. If you want to save some extra cash, buying a simple table with an umbrella will really tie the space together.

7. Beef Up the Space With a BBQ Pit

Including a cooking area adds “fun” to “functionality,”  making your backyard a one-stop place to entertain guests. Depending on the size of your budget and how often you use the grill, you can make this space as snazzy as you want.

Add a table and chairs, and you’re sure to be the first choice in backyard parties!

8. Create a Calm Meditation Spot

Need an area to relax and unwind? Luckily, you can easily add a meditation space to update your backyard and turn it into a tranquil place. This area could include comfortable chairs, blankets, pillows, and yoga mats. You could even place this area by a  garden or fountain to add some calming elements.

9. Build a DIY Deck

While every homeowner wants a deck or patio, having one built can be expensive. With so many unique ideas out there, building your own patio or deck is easier than ever—and cheaper too! It’s always recommended to get some expert advice before starting landscaping projects, but you can make the building process all your own if you want.

Rather than making a concrete patio, building a wood deck can be the perfect alternative.

10. Install a Stock Tank Pool

Would your family love a backyard pool? Rather than having a new one built, add a stock tank pool instead! This is an affordable solution your kids will adore. But to really create a top-notch backyard, adding a conventional pool is the way to go.

If you want to take your home to the next level by updating your backyard, schedule a FREE consultation with Pool Icons today!