6 Swimming Pool Construction Questions, Answered

pool construction questions

If you’re thinking about building a pool in your backyard, you probably have a lot of pool construction questions as you plan. After all, this is a big step to take toward improving your Southern California home, so it’s important to ask questions before construction begins. The following answers to these common pool construction questions should give you peace of mind before building a pool.

1. Can I build a pool any time of year?

In most parts of the country, there are specific times of the year where it’s better to start construction than other times. But in Southern California, moderate weather can be found year-round. This makes it possible to start the construction process at any time of the year. You might associate swimming in the pool with summer, but since there is no snow or ice that will stop contractors, breaking ground on a new pool can happen when you choose.

2. How long does pool construction take?

Pool construction can take anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks. Certain factors affect the time it takes, including the style, size, depth, and shape of the pool you’re planning. Additionally, if there are water or sewer lines that need to be moved, that may lengthen the amount of time required for construction.

The amount of preparation needed for the build, as well as the current workload of the builder and the time it takes to demolish the area can make the process take longer.

Another factor that goes into the construction process that often goes unnoticed is the paperwork. If your county or HOA requires permits or other permissions, it may take slightly longer to even begin the process.

3. How much does building a pool cost?

The price of pool construction varies, but in general, it starts at about $30,000. That’s just a basic pool, though. On average, pools in Southern California costs will range between $45,000 and $55,000. 

Some factors that will affect your pool estimate include the design, ground conditions, access, and extra features you add. Some of these aspects aren’t planned, though. If your dream pool includes reworking your backyard’s landscaping, that will add to the overall price tag.

4. What are the most popular additional features?

As you plan your pool design, you’ll be asked about what features you want to add. After all, you’ll likely want a few extras for comfort, functionality, and aesthetics. Some of the most popular options include colorful pool lights, a soothing waterfall, and a few benches throughout the pool for relaxation.

Another popular addition is a Baja shelf, which is a shallow area at one end of the pool that can accommodate adults relaxing and sunbathing, or kids playing with toys. You might also want to add a water slide, diving board, spillways, swim-up bar, or decorative boulders to the pool.

5. What are common problems contractors run into during construction?

Like any major home improvement project, there’s always the risk of issues arising during pool construction. For example, pool fittings—such as return jets or the skimmer—may leak, as can the plumbing underneath the pool.

There could also be structural problems, such as concrete or fiberglass cracking, or vinyl walls shifting. Fortunately, experienced pool builders can often prevent or quickly fix these issues.

6. What is the pool building process?

Once you decide on a company, you’ll discuss your dream pool design with the team. Some companies, like Pool Icons, will give you a 3D rendering of the final look. At that point, the pool contractor will pull permits so that construction can begin.

The team will then outline the shape and location of the pool, start digging and install all required steel, plumbing, and electrical. Then the concrete (or shotcrete, if you prefer) will be poured, followed up by the addition of any tiles, decking, and interior finish options. The team will then test all components of the pool, at which point it will be ready to swim in.

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