What are the Steps Professionals Follow for Remodeling Pools?

sunglasses and bag of oranges next to a remodeled pool in a backyard

If you have the first day of summer marked on your calendar already and are considering giving your pool a makeover this season, you may be wondering: how long does the remodeling process take, and what should I be preparing now for it to go smoothly? The truth is, remodeling a pool can be quite an undertaking, but with the right pool remodeling company, it doesn’t have to be stressful at all. 

To help you get a better idea of what remodeling pools involves, we’ve outlined a few of the essential steps professionals follow as they go through the remodeling process.

Out with the Old: Tearing Out the Deteriorating Liner and Decking

The first step in any remodel is often destruction of some sort. When you’re getting started with a pool updating project, you’ll need to remove the current pool lining and decking before the beautification process can move forward. Once you’ve taken care of removing the old materials, you’ll be operating with a clean slate.

In with the New: Installing Pool Coping, Tile, and Decking

With the project site prepared and ready, it’s time to shift focus to installing the new pool materials. This is the fun part where you’ll have the opportunity to customize your remodel according to your taste and preference. Install the personalized coping of your choice around your pool’s edges and select tile for the interior that matches your vision. You can also put in additional decking around the edge of the pool at this stage, if that suits your style.

Adding Additional Features for Even More Excitement

Remodeling pools doesn’t just have to be about replacing existing elements. You can also add new features and amenities, expanding your vision and giving your remodel an extra twist. Consider adding an exciting slide, diving board, or waterfall, or maybe even a luxurious built-in spa for added relaxation benefits.

Resurface the Pool With Plaster

Once all the pieces are set in place for remodeling your pool, it’s time to add the finishing touch to the pool by resurfacing it with plaster. This process involves trowelling plaster into the walls and floor of your remodeled pool until everything is perfectly smooth and even in appearance. This will ensure that your pool complements the rest of the design elements you’ve worked hard to create.

Install Fun New Lighting And Equipment

Adding lights not only creates a visually appealing look around your remodeled pool, but they are essential safety features as well. Professionals can install new lights around the pool during the remodeling process, ensuring they are properly placed and functioning correctly. You may also want to update your pool’s equipment at this time, that way you can guarantee a properly functioning pool for seasons to come.

Create an Enchanting Environment with Landscaping Around the Pool Area

No remodel is complete without some attention to landscaping. After your remodeled pool is all finished, take some time to add greenery or other features around the perimeter. This will help to create a more inviting and enjoyable space for you and your family to enjoy all summer long. 

Landscaping options are limited only by your imagination, but some can include:

  • Planting trees and shrubs
  • Installing pavers or stepping stones
  • Adding a fire pit
  • Constructing a privacy fence or border

Carry Out Your Personal Vision with Pool Icons, Your Remodel Experts

With these elements and tips in mind, remodeling pools can be an exciting project that you’ll be happy with for a long time. At Pool Icons, our professionals are experienced in all aspects of remodeling pools and we can help you turn your dreams into a reality. Contact us today to get started on your remodel!