6 Things to Consider When Having a Hillside Pool

backyard pool built into hill with patio furniture surrounding

With summer on the horizon and those cold, dismal winter months finally slipping behind us, it’s time to start thinking about how we are going to spend these upcoming warm days. 

One activity that is always going to be a hit with friends and family is swimming. But maybe you don’t live in an area that has access to public pools or beaches. Or maybe you’re looking for something more personal and private. If any of this is sounding familiar, it’s time to transform that uneven backyard terrain with a pool built into the hillside.

If you were under the impression that because your backyard featured a hill, it was impossible to explore the idea of having a pool built there, you’d be mistaken. Backyard swimming pools are versatile and can be designed to fit almost any landscape type, including those with hillsides.

If you’re considering having your own swimming pool built on your hillside backyard property, here are 6 design and structural elements to consider in order for your project to be successful:

1. Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are necessary in order to keep your pool and the surrounding area safe and secure. A retaining wall will also allow you to create a multi-level patio platform or a terrace so you can enjoy different parts of your poolside property without having to worry about any wasted space. 

From wood to brick or stone–there are multiple options to choose from that can still give you the look and feel of the backyard of your dreams.

2. Terracing

Along with retaining walls, terracing is a helpful option when it comes to designing a pool built into a hillside property. This design helps keep the soil secure and will add some dimension to your space. It also allows for additional planting areas so foliage becomes part of the landscape around your pool rather than a hindrance.

A terraced area can provide various levels that lead down towards the pool’s edge, offering great seating spots where you and your guests can relax in privacy without having grassy hills obstructing your view of the water.

3. Drainage

Installing drains around the pool is important if your backyard has a hill. This will help to keep the area safe by preventing water from accumulating and becoming stagnant. 

If you have any slopes that lead down to the pool, having drain pipes installed can also ensure that water does not accumulate in those areas, preventing erosion and flooding.

4. Multi-Level Patio Access

You don’t have to limit yourself when it comes to creating access points for getting into and around your backyard pool area. 

When creating designs for your yard with a hillside, consider adding multiple patio levels so you can move easily between different elevations without having to worry about steps or uneven surfaces.

5. Infinity Edge

While it may seem out of reach at first, an infinity edge pool can be designed on a hillside property with the proper planning and construction. This type of design gives the illusion that your pool goes on forever, creating a luxurious look to your backyard oasis.

6. Swim-up Bar

A great way to add some fun and extra seating space to your hillside pool is to include a swim-up bar or lounge area. This allows for convenient access for those looking for a snack or refreshment after swimming or sunbathing.

Need an Accessible Pool Built Into a Hill? Pool Icons Has You Covered

Having a swimming pool built into a hillside is possible with the right professionals by your side! If you’ve been considering having this done in your own backyard, reach out to Pool Icons today. With years of experience in the business, we can make sure your vision is brought to life. Contact us for a free estimate today!