What Goes Into Swimming Pool Design and Construction Processes for Backyard Pools in California?

swimming pool design and construction project for backyard pool

While it doesn’t take much planning to jump into a pool and start a nice, relaxing swim-day, successfully designing and building a pool can be much more complex. Before any ground is broken for a backyard swimming pool in California, there are steps homeowners should take to ensure that their dream pool becomes reality.  

From design to construction, let’s take a look at what goes into a successful swimming pool design and construction process.

The Design Process

Oftentimes, dreaming up your pool design is the most exciting part of the process. While it’s fun to make a list of all your wildest ideas for designing your pool, there are many factors you should keep in mind to avoid complications during the construction process.

Size of the Pool

This seems like an obvious one, but many people over or underestimate the amount of space they have to work with.  Before you start drawing up your pool plans, you should take careful measurements of the space available to make sure it can accommodate the size and shape of the swimming pool that you had in mind.

Materials for Construction

As tempting as it is to just pick any material and get started with construction, it’s important to take your time to select the material that is going to work best for what you have in mind. Different materials will have different effects on your pool and may require varying levels of maintenance. 

Make sure that whatever material you decide to go with is approved by local regulations. You also want to ensure that your chosen material can withstand changing conditions like temperatures or humidity.

Design Features

Your swimming pool design should also take into account which features are necessary (or desirable) for your backyard oasis. Whether it’s a baja shelf, custom tile work, beach entry, rock waterfall, or infinity edge, your swimming pool design should account for the extra materials and space needed to realize your vision.

The Construction Process

Designing a pool is just the beginning of the process. Once you have considered all of these factors, it’s time to start building! But what are the steps you should follow to make sure that your pool is built safely and efficiently? Here are a few:

Permits and Local Regulations

Building a swimming pool in California requires permits from local authorities. Make sure to consult with them beforehand so that you know what kind of documentation or paperwork needs to be taken care of before construction can begin.

Hire Professional Pool Builders

Once all the paperwork has been done, it’s time for the work to commence. Hiring professional pool builders is one of the most important steps in this process as they have experience with understanding and executing a design according to regulations. 

Additionally, you’ll find a lot of the stress taken off your shoulders if you trust that the builders also understand which specific materials are best suited for different designs, helping you cut costs while achieving the look you want.

Entrust the Swimming Pool Design and Construction Processes to Pool Icons 

Ready to get started with your dream backyard swimming pool? Then it’s time to start connecting with local professionals at Pool Icons for your swimming pool design and construction needs, and get to enjoying your new pool! Contact us today for help designing and constructing your backyard paradise!